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Shanghai Sui Xing - specializing in the production of powder delivery equipment

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Powder delivery:

  Shanghai Sui Xing electromechanical automatic powder, small particles on the material metering and feeding system can be achieved on a variety of materials to measure the ratio of transmission, with precision measurement, fast, the material does not produce wear and tear, high precision measurement characteristics. With a high degree of automation, simple operation, clean environmental protection, feeding accurate, high precision ratio, while doing safety and explosion-proof features. Through the computer control center, you can look at the entire production process, the operation of the effective control process to avoid the human operation may cause errors.

  System structure: The system supporting equipment mainly vacuum suction machine, pneumatic conveying equipment, storage equipment, feeding equipment, weighing module, control system and other parts, with the system stable operation, energy conservation, environmental pollution, clean and fast Convenient features.

  The company uses excellent equipment and technical personnel, the full design of qualified powder delivery and feeding equipment. In the pharmaceutical, biological, new energy industry widely cited, made a great market welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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