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Shanghai Sui Hing Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd

发布时间:2016/11/15 15:21:46

Shanghai Sui Hing Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd. is a set of manufacturing processing and sales as one of the company, the company factory in Shanghai, China Baoshan Industrial Park.

Shanghai Sui Hing Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical machinery industry. The company mainly engaged in ceramic pump (grinding machine), emulsified pump, basket grinding machine, horizontal sanding machine, vacuum loading, conveying, compaction machine, Feeding equipment, high-speed dispersing equipment, reactor, mixing equipment, non-standard complete sets of equipment research and development, design, production and sales.

 Sui Xing's products and services in the food industry, paint industry, pesticide industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and other fine chemical industry has a very mature application. Products from the laboratory to the pilot type, production type, intermittent, etc., can fully meet the needs of various industrial and mining.

 Sui Xing adhere to the road between enterprises and scientific research institutions to strengthen their own high-level technical strength, and with a number of different scale plant technology, experimental cooperation to verify the effectiveness of all improved and innovative products, through the German Advanced equipment, absorption, transformation, concentration advantages, so that products continue to optimize, keen on innovation, and further determine the technical advantages in the same industry. So that the launch of all products are advanced and practical. To this end, product quality among the forefront of the industry, by the majority of users at home and abroad favorite.

 Sui Hing always adhere to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" business philosophy, to the modern high-tech enterprises solid forward. Advocate "unity, progress, pragmatic, hard work" corporate culture, strengthen corporate image, expand the market strategy. Sui will be sincere and new and old customers at home and abroad sincere cooperation and common development.

 Sui Xing has excellent design, production, sales, customer service team, can provide you with the optimal design, detailed technical advice, high-quality production equipment, high-quality equipment installation and improve after-sales service.

 Major departments:

 Sales: Suixing Sales Department located in the center of Shanghai, convenient traffic. Sales engineers all by the senior chemical engineering engineers, in the chemical industry has long-term research and development, production background, more accurate to help customers complete the initial selection.

 Production base: located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, Suixing technology, production, logistics, after-sales service and other departments are set here; built a precision machining, assembly, welding, polishing, testing and other workshops, built staff quarters and canteen ; Suixing enterprises and product exhibitions are also being built.

 Technology Department: Suixing Technology by the technical support engineers, product development and design engineers and other components. Technical support engineers together with the sales engineers to complete with the customer's pre-sale communication, technical advice, to determine the technical solutions and corresponding products; product development engineers responsible for new product development and daily product design. Senior technical staff are from the domestic Class-A industrial design institute, or in the relevant industry has many years of development and production experience, they will provide customers with comprehensive technical services.

 Production Planning Department: responsible for the production planning, development, follow-up and implementation arrangements, ISO9000, 5S implementation and supervision

 After-sales service: Sui set up a special after-sales service departments and professional service personnel, responsible for the user's products to the installation, commissioning and maintenance. Accept consumer complaints, solve the problem after-sales. Do the preparation of product accessories, in time to meet the needs of users.

Sui Hing Electrical and Mechanical Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical machinery, the company led by science and technology, is committed to high-tech development and application. Mainly engaged in fine chemicals, petrochemicals, nano-materials, bio-medicine, food industry, chemical products, paint inks, pesticides and related fields of mechanical and electrical integration equipment research and development, design and production.

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We adhering to the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the business and service concept to rigorous style, advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing, to create a professional international quality products, widely used in high-tech fields. Our latest equipment Automatic l Lithium battery slurry mixing system, powder metering conveyor system, high efficiency slurry mixing grinding system, no gap ceramic grinding equipment, nano grinding equipment, high shear emulsification equipment, blue dispersing grinding equipment and related automation Complete sets of equipment.

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The company has excellent design research, production, professional sales, customer service team, to provide you with the most optimal design, detailed technical advice, high-quality production equipment, high-quality equipment installation and improve after-sales service. Companies to scientific management model, the foreign advanced technology and characteristics of organic integration, compared with the industry with more professional technology, the structure is more reasonable, more excellent quality, the use of more convenient, more attentive service.




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