Gapless ceramic grinding machine

Gapless ceramic grinding pump

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No gap ceramic grinding pump is composed of two sets of ceramic rotor, two sets of ceramic stator composition, in the gapless ceramic grinding pump pump rotor inside the high-speed rotation, the ceramic rotor thrown, close to the ceramic stator, resulting in strong dynamic can quickly The powder is dispersed into the liquid, efficiently, quickly and evenly distributed to one or more phases, and the phases in the material are usually immiscible. The gapless ceramic grinding pump makes the material in the tiny rotor between the fixed rotor by cutting, centrifugal extrusion, impact, grinding, high frequency oscillation and other comprehensive role, so that the material after grinding fineness greatly improved, and then through the right amount of additives The same effect, the product quickly, evenly, scattered, emulsified, grinding, to avoid the original metal grinding pump wear effect after the shortcomings of the performance than the original grinding pump to improve more than 3 times, no gap ceramic grinding pump, especially for metal pollution requirements High enterprises, such as electronics and battery industry, can achieve higher quality products.





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