Pipeline emulsifying machine (single stage)

Laboratory Pipeline Emulsifier

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Sui Xing Electromechanical - SBM food grade pipeline emulsifier




1. Designed for food, biology, pharmaceutical industry

2. Rated voltage: 220V / 380V

3. Processing capacity 200L / h

4. Dispersion head diameter: 18-25mm

5. Speed: 0-3000rpm

6. Contact material material: 304 stainless steel

7. Dimension: 150 * 330 * 560mm

8. Speed motor, digital display, easy to operate

9. No dead ends, clear and convenient

Pipeline high shear emulsification equipment

For continuous dispersion on the line, mixing, emulsification, homogenization, the machine has one to three transfer stator, according to process requirements can be 2 or 6 layers.

1. Large amount of processing, suitable for industrial production on-line continuous production

2. Processing a wider range of viscosities

3. No quality differences between batches of production

4. With low head lift function

5. Low noise, smooth operation, more efficient

6. No dead ends, material 100% through the working chamber, no residue



Efficient and versatile: 5 times more efficient than ordinary grinding

High quality fine: narrower particle size distribution, smaller particles

Saving time and effort: grinding time is short, simple operation, maintenance, cleaning simple

Quality and cheap: the price is only one-tenth of imported equipment





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