Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor

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  Technical Description:                                                                                                          


      Using dual motor: feeding motor and vibration motor, each independent control. Box vibration and adjustable range, the box design into a separate, easy loading and unloading. Vibration motor reinforcement. In order to facilitate the cleaning of the residue design: spiral can reverse the nesting, the bottom of the pipe with a gate discharge, the entire spiral can be easily removed and so on.



Installation Notes:

1, the feed switch for the inverted switch, there are two rotation direction, respectively, for the spiral is, reverse control. Is transferred to the material, the reversal of the material can be more than expected from the bottom of the material gate discharge.

2, reducer coupling can not be stuck, the installation of the reducer after the completion of the coupling should be free to avoid causing the motor overload burned. The flange screws can be adjusted during installation.

3, tube tail screw thimble can not be too tight to install, to avoid the spiral was bent, resulting in spiral rotation when the tube wall encountered. After the top thimble, pay attention to tighten the thimble nut, to prevent the thimble loose. Every time you pull out the spiral out after the health of the back should pay attention to this point.





  Suitable for packaging:                                                                                                        



Suitable for packaging powder granular materials such as milk powder, rice flour, sugar, coffee, monosodium glutamate, rice flour, solid medicine, pesticide, veterinary drug additives, dyes, protein powder, cocoa powder, glucose, condiments, solid drinks, toner,

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